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    This may be a post about some of the frustrations of being a pro-life activist, but it no way implies that we regret even a moment of our important work. We love what we do, but, every once in a while, it’s great to have some fun at our own expense. Visit us at www.StudentsforLife.org!

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  6. Check out Student for Life of America’s new video that unmasks Planned Parenthood’s ultimate agenda - Abortion. No matter what.

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    do not take the source off my picture again

  8. It was just a rumor before but it may soon be a reality: a video game in which players try to procure an abortion. 

    Info here: www.lifenews.com/2013/08/28/video-game-has-players-help-women-find-abortion-clinics-to-kill-their-babies/

    h/t www.humanlife.org)

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  13. "Back-Alley" Argument Disrespects Women’s Intelligence

    We’ve all heard the pro-choice argument that if abortion is made illegal again, women will be forced to go to dangerous back-alley abortionists, and women will die as a result.

    There are many pro-life responses to this. You can explain that maternal deaths from abortion actually decreased before Roe v. Wade, due to advances in emergency medicine and antibiotics. You can point out that legal providers are frequently unsafe anyway. You can bring up all the international research showing that it is possible for a country to have pro-life policies and good maternal health outcomes.

    But perhaps the best argument of all is one that is rarely brought to the forefront: the pro-choice argument about “back-alley” abortions assumes that women are stupid and/or without meaningful agency.

    Women will be forced to avail themselves of illegal abortion procedures, abortion advocates say. They’ll have to. It’s inevitable. The idea that they might choose life instead? Preposterous.

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    Against abortion because I #Stand4Life